This is our Kinky Curly Texture.

These bundles only come in lengths 12''-20'' and matching closures are available in 14'' and 18''


If you are looking for big Diana Ross look this is the hair.


If you take care of and manage your own curls you will do fine with the hair.  Just like curly hair this hair does take time to maintain daily due to its texture its not a hair that allows you to just wake up and go!  The quality is excellent and if you take care of your own hair you will do well with this curl.

Weft: All our hair extentions are placed on a machine weft.
Weight: Approximately 3.5oz. per bundle. Most full weaves require 2 to 3 bundles depending on the length of the hair and the volume preferred.
Color: Our hair comes in natural color these bundles tend to be darker (1b). Please note that since our hair is virgin it has not been processed and comes in ts natural hair color. Thus the color may vary from bundle to bundle (no two bundles are exactly the same).

Kinky Curly