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Talk about a hair that is versitle, Ive seen our clients wear this hair bone straight, wavy, curly, loose curls you name it.  If you are into taking time with achieving your look and great at styling the sky is the limit with this hair!  These curls dont tangle, when washed the best result is to use a wide tooth comb to comb through gently with a good conditioner (we find great success with Organix Coconut Oil or Morraccan Oil Conditioner). We recommend not to use a brush on this hair. Bundles carry in color between a 1b-2.
When determining the length please keep in mind the hair is measured pulled straight.
If you are not used to having curls this style can be an intial learning curve. Just like having naturally curly hair if you dont care for it properly it can become difficult to manage over time. Best to use a good conditioner once a week. When it comes to products on this hair less is always better. Use of too many products over time may create build up on the hair.

Deep Wave

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