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This is our Natural Straight Hair. This is natural straight hair, soft to the touch but not silky straight. Natural straight is in its fully unprocessed state. It gives you a real natural look, not over shiny.
When we searched for straight hair we found that natural staight was the best quality in the market place. We only focus on top premium hair the less that hair has been altered the higher the quality for the customer. Our Straight hair is superior, lasting 12+ easily with proper care. Hair that moves with you.. doesnt tangle this is it!!!!!
You can curl this hair with a curling iron, you may color the hair if desired - it's real hair! To limit damage use a heat protectant when applying heat.
Cuticle is always in tact, each bundle is taken from one doner and has been carefully analyzed on site before we purchase the hair.
Weft: all of our hair extentions are hand weft.
Weight: Approximately 3.5oz. per bundle.

Straight Hair

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